E-Commerce with Shopify


We use Shopify for any E-Commerce builds we do. Mainly because it's a fantastic system but also it's incredibly flexible and customisable.

The Shopify system is very user friendly and anyone who is web savvy can put together a compelling online store.

Like any user generated system it has it's limits and that is where we come in. Take for example www.beforbeauty.co.uk

They recently launched a new skincare range and one of the challenges faced when doing this is giving the user an understanding of how and when to use the product.

BE for Beauty had collated a list of questions (over 800) and needed an efficient way of delivering this to the customer.

The Beauty Translator was Born

Using fuzzy logic and a custom A.P.I and external Database, we delivered an easy to use searchable database that understood natural English language questions.

It even logged questions that it didn't have the answer for into the database, which allowed the knowledge base to grow organically.

So if you are looking to start a new online business or have an existing Shopify store that you want more from, get in touch.

Beauty Translator