Legacy Systems

Already have a system you are happy with but it needs new features?

we can help.

Legacy System Upgrades and Maintenance

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Legacy Systems

Many companies have spent a lot of money on their current system. Even though it might be showing it's age and becoming cumbersome to use, all the staff are comfortable using it and the cost and disruption of re-training everyone on a new system may not be commercially viable.

We can help by either extending your current system (if possible) or maybe complimenting it with a connected system that adds the new features you require whilst allowing the old system to stay in place. We can even replicate the UI across to the new features to minimise disruption.

Eventually the old system can be gradually migrated across without upsetting users or costing the business valuable time.

Maybe your website needs updating but the original developers are not available.

Whatever your issue we will be happy to give a free evaluation of what the best course of action is to get you back up to speed.